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SharePoint Active Directory System

Install Instructions
1. You will need to export the two tables to a SharePoint list
that your users will be able to edit. After you export these tables
as SharePoint list you will need to delete the local tables in the
Access Database and replace them with a linked SharePoint table of the
two lists you just created.

2. You will need to add your domain name to the Power Shell
script and also make change to the path for exporting your csv file
with in the module of the access database.

3. Update your PowerShell batch file with the correct path
information and also create a user that will have write access
to all users in Active Directory. Then you will be able to
schedule a task in windows with this new AD account.

This is a very simple system designed for a bank. If you have
any ideas or can make this a better system please send in your changes.

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